Professional Experience


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Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA

Focused, passionate, and technically competent. An excellent communicator; willing and able to engage people at different skill and leadership levels. Experienced in a broad array of disciplines to include; foreign languages, software development, data modeling, performing arts , blogging, fitness, public speaking, and teaching. An active member of the local tech community, helping to plan, organize, and present in local tech events. An avid learner with a voracious appetite for knowledge. Most importantly, a friendly human-being with a genuine desire to help others.



Software Developer/Analyst

Jan, 2012 – May, 2016

Tasked with providing timely and accurate intelligence to various stakeholders. Granted a unique assignment amongst over 2000 military personnel to be a full-time software developer; working alongside National Security Agency Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, and Engineers, to create new software applications and data pipelines for intelligence analysts.


Cryptologic Technician Interpretive

Jun, 2010 – May, 2016

Intelligence gathering and analysis as a Mandarin Chinese linguist.



Associate’s Degree - Mandarin Chinese

Jul, 2010 – Dec, 2011

Graduated 2+/2 from elite military language program with an accredited Associate’s Degree.


Transfer - Cognitive Science

Sep, 2016 – Current

The following are classes I have taken or am currently taking at CCSF prior to transferring to Berkeley for Cognitive Science

  • CS231 - Advanced Python Programming
  • CS 110B - C++ Programming
  • CS 212 - iPhone Programming (Swift)
  • PHIL 12A - Symbolic Logic
  • PHIL 25C - Modern Philosophy through Kant
  • MATH 100A - Calculus
  • CS260A/P - Linux System Administration



Creator / Lead Contributor

Jul, 2017 - Present

A library to enable the use of jupyter notebooks to write content for the hugo static site generation framework.


Creator / Lead Contributor

Jun, 2017 - Present

An html templating library for Python that allows one to combine both pug and jinja2 syntax.


Creator / Lead Contributor

Jun, 2017 - Present

A project template to automate the creation and deployment of Python 3 packages. Representing dozens of hours of work and many hundreds of hours of knowledge and experience from multiple developers, the template encourages best practices in Python packaging as well as embracing future-generation packing technology i.e. Pipenv. It automates the creation of project documentation and deployment to github pages as well as automates the process of building, testing, – via continuous integration with TravisCI – and deploying the package to pypi.


Sole Developer

Jun, 2014 – May, 2016

A text parser that has so far processed over four million lines of data and saved analysts over three-thousand man-hours worth of work per year. Written over several months while working as an analyst. Led to a Joint Service Achievement Medal and placement into an official software development role.

Unnamed Project

Software Developer/ Military-Civilian liason/ SME

Jun, 2014 – May, 2016

A collaborative project between DoD civilian leadership and military personnel designed to store, share, and analyze information for military analysts and their customers. Worked as a project lead, software developer, subject-matter expert, and military-civilian liason. Contributed greatly to the complete restructuring of a 60-person organization as a result of massive increase in analyst productivity.

ref-id: DJ2-2016-00904